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Våre studenter fra USA

Vi har for øyeblikket tre elever fra USA som kommer til Norge høsten 2019.

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Emilee – Ambisiøs, studieglad og veldig kreativ

Navn: Emilee

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: New River, Arizona, USA

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Emilee kommer fra en liten by i Arizona som heter New River. Hun er en aktiv og kreativ jente som er rå i kampsporten teakwondo.

En hilsen fra Emilee:

My name is Emilee and I am 16 years old. I am from a small town in Arizona called New River. I would describe myself as ambitious and studious. When I have a goal I never give up trying to reach it. One of my favorite hobbies is reading and my favorite genre is adventure/mysterious books.

A unique hobby I have is crocheting, a form of knitting. My grandmother taught me when I was young and I have stuck with it ever since. Overall I consider myself to be a very creative person because I enjoy doing crafts, drawing and painting. I have a very hard-working lifestyle. School is very important to me as well as friends and family.

There are so many reasons why I want to study abroad. I was first inspired to travel abroad by reading books. I realized the reasons why I enjoyed adventure books so much was because I wanted to have an adventure myself. I wanted to apply right away because I feared if I didn’t try now, I would never get the opportunity. There was only one problem, the money. While workign for this amazing experience my desire and reasons to study grew. I wanted to learn about new cultures and see amazing places. I am grateful to work for this experience because I know all those odd jobs I have done will be worth it. The reason I chose Norway was because I was fascinated by it’s history and amazing places. The norwegian language sounds so fascinating and beautiful. As I have been trying to learn as much Norwegian as possible, I have realized it is a language I would love to be fluent in. I am so excited to get to know you and and learn about your culture. I hope you are just as excited to meet me as much as I am to meet you!



Madison – En kreativ, moden perfeksjonist

Navn: Madison

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Tampa, Florida, USA

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Madison er en engasjert, kreativ og flink jente fra Florida i USA. Hun brenner for kunst og kultur, med fokus kunsthistorie, tegning og maling. Hun beskriver seg selv som en kreativ perfeksjonist, og en relativt normal tenåring.

En hilsen fra Madison:

My name is Madison and I am applying for the High School Abroad program in Norway. I am excited about this opportunity to go abroad. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

The culture of Norway specifically appeals to me because I am very aware of the state of my country right now, and I’m not happy with the quality of life I and my family are living. From what I’ve seen, Norway is a very practical and organized country in terms of their laws and ideals.

I hope to gain insight of ways to bring the peacefulness of Norway back to America and into my community. Where I live, everyone is so stressed out and rushed that they often forget what the world has to offer and even that many other countries don’t run on stress/work. My goal is also to become proficient in Norwegian to the point where I’m able to converse with others. I’d also like to come back with experiences of their culture and traditions in mind because I think that’s really what separates my country from theirs.

I’m interested in seeing how Norway functions as a society that makes it different from America, including peacefulness and democracy, and bring those ideas back here. America and Norway are pretty close in terms of language and westernization and I think it would be interesting to learn more about their traditions and history.

Overall, I’d love to do this program to see what the world and people have to offer and apply it in my everyday life.



Elise – Eventyrlysten og åpen

Navn: Elise

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Elise er en eventyrlysten og aktiv norgesvenn, som er glad i dans. Hun spiller også trompet og synger. Elise sier selv at hun elsker å jobbe med barn, og at hun en gang i tiden kunne tenke seg å bli lærer.

En hilsen fra Else:

Hallo, jeg heter Elise Ekrem. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my parents and my sister. My favourite classes are math, geography, and science. I play trumpet in the school band and I’m in my 4th year learning Spanish. In my free time, I like to sing, knit, embroider and do photography. This year, I’m also performing in my school musical, Les Miserables.

When I went to Norway, I was 7. My family flew into Oslo, then drove to Lillehammer for dinner. We then went to Lom, where we looked at Stave churches and went on a hike. Next, we went to Trondheim. In Trondheim, we met up with a family member who works at the Nidaros cathedral. He gave us a tour where we got to meet artisans who restored the cathedral and he took us to the catacombs. After that, we headed off for Ålesund and went to the aquarium. Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to, and I can’t wait to come back. I hope to learn Norwegian because I don’t know a lot and want to learn about the culture. Ever since going to Norway, I’ve wanted to live there, and really looking forward to my year!

Best Regards,


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