Våre elever fra USA

Vi har for øyeblikket en elev fra USA som kommer til Norge høsten 2021. Bli bedre kjent med dem under:


Navn: Piper
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: USA​
Språk: Engelsk og spansk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022​

Piper is a friendly girl, open to challenges, responsible, open-minded, and funny. She love adventures and outdoors, trying new things, and learning about people and things that are different or have different views from her, she plays the cello and is passionate about learning about sustainability and other cultures.

Hvorfor Piper vil til Norge:
"I hope that this trip helps me understand the cultures and perspectives of other people. I also want to share what my culture is like and how I live. I’m not sure what I want to do what I grow up, but I know that I want to do my best to make the world a better place and I think that going on an exchange year will help me learn about how I can do this. I am also really hoping that I can go on adventures such as camping skiing, biking, or hiking while in Norway."​

En liten hilsen fra Piper:
"Dear future host family, hello! My name is Piper Cox and I am from Colorado, United States. I am so excited to meet you and learn about Norway!"

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