STS High School 14–18 years of age
Discover your in a new destination


Are you going on exchange with STS Education? If so, do check if one of our offers can give you a better price. These are the discounts that are valid right now. Contact us for more details.

Host & Go

Can your family host a foreign exchange student, while you are away with STS on your High School exchange? If so, you get a $1,500 discount for a full year’s hosting, and $750 for a half year.

Read more about being a host family

Sibling discount

Have one of your sisters or brothers previously been away with STS, you get a discount of $500. Write STS sibling discount in your application.

Own host family

If you are going on exchange with STS and can arrange your own host family that fits the requirements of the programme, you will be entitled to our direct placement discount of $500.

Own air travel

If you are going on exchange with STS and want to arrange your own air travel, you get a discount of $2,000.

Please note that the various discounts/incentives can not be combined.