STS High School 14–18 years of age
Experience life Down Under!
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High School in Australia

Age 15-18

Australia is a country with a varied landscape. As well as the familiar cities, beaches and wildlife, you'll also find stunning coral reefs, snowy mountains, deserts and rainforests - total opposites that clearly show Australia has it all. The trip is long, but it’s worth the effort.

High School Classic

High School Classic is the traditional high school exchange programme, chosen by most of our students. It is the perfect programme for those who long for a genuine high school experience abroad and who are willing to embrace all the surprises it can bring. Here’s how it works: based on your profile, we find you a suitable host family and school, and the best part is, it can be anywhere in Australia. If you’re open to adventure and are willing to let yourself be surprised by your exchange experience, this is the programme for you.

Going to Australia with our Classic program, we must have your application January, 15 for an autumn start and August, 15, for a spring start.

Choose your adventure with Select

STS High School Select is the program for you who want to choose which state and school you want to study in. This means that as an exchange student you can decide what you want your exchange year to look like. So tell us what you want from your exchange year in Australia and we can help you find the perfect year abroad for you.

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Go down under

The Australian continent is on the other side of the world from Europe, meaning the seasons are the opposite of what you’re used to. When the European summer ends, the Australian one starts. Even though you will be as far away from home as possible, you will soon find your place in this new climate. The multicultural population has a great reputation of being friendly and relaxed. The Aussies are famously welcoming and easy to get along with, giving you the chance to fit right into their laidback lifestyle. The land down under is waiting for you to come and learn a new way of living.

Area: 7 692 km2
Population: 24 million
Capital: Canberra
Language: English
Largest city: Sydney (4.9 million)
Country code: +61

School life in Australia

The Australian educational system is considered one of the most innovative in the world. Thousands of exchange students enroll at Australian high schools and universities every year. You will find the schools are modern, with well equipped classrooms as standard.

Summer holiday in December

High school makes up the last five years of the 12 year school system in Australia. Most exchange students are placed in Year 11, some in Year 10 and very few in Year 12. As the seasons are in opposite when compared to Europe, Australians have their two month summer holiday from December to January. The school year begins in January and ends in December. As an STS exchange student, you can begin in either January, April, July or October. There will be Welcome Camps for those starting in July and January.

If you are placed in Year 10, most of the subjects you take are mandatory and include English, mathematics and geography. In Year 11, it is common that only English is a mandatory subject. The rest is up to you. The unique range of subjects on offer is incredible, such as marine biology, multimedia studies, performing arts, Indonesian language and Aboriginal studies. Alongside these are thrilling sports like surfing and diving.

What you wear to school

In most Australian high schools it is mandatory for all students to buy their own school uniform. No need to think about what to wear on your first day at school. Put on your uniform and join your new awesome Aussie friends!

Warm and welcoming families

The Aussies are warm hearted, caring and welcoming. The country is multicultural since most of its population have immigrated from different parts of the world. This has created an overall open-minded mentality. Your carefully selected host family will probably be social, friendly and humorous. You will soon notice that Australians like to joke – even at their own expense!

Our Aussie families

Australian families are usually quite active and you may go on outings and picnics together. It could be a roadtrip to a nearby beach or a bike ride up in the mountains. For many families, weekends are dedicated to a variety of different sports. Join them for a true Australian experience!

Quick facts

  • Who can go: 15–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: January, April, July, October
  • Language requirements: Good English skills
  • Visa: Yes. Additional cost
  • Prep course: STS Welcome Camp included
  • School year: January/ February – December
  • School day: Usually 09.00–16.00
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional
  • Trips in the country:Depending on region, e.g. Great barrier Reef, Ayers Rock - The Outback. Additional cost
I will never forget when I went snorkelling by the Great Barrier Reef / Yannis

Free time in Australia

Australia is full of possible outdoor activities. Largely thanks to a great climate. Barbecues, sports and outings in the wilderness are some of the most common alternatives. Also, the exciting wildlife is not to be missed. Have you ever seen a koala bear or a kangaroo? Well, now is the time!

Sports according to season

Sporty or not, the Australian enthusiasm will probably make you curious to try, or maybe just watch, some of the nation’s most popular sports. Rugby, golf and Australian rules football are played in the winter and cricket, snorkeling, sailing, tennis and volleyball in the summer. The coastline is full of great beaches, perfect for every kind of water activity. If you prefer to ski, you’ll find great snowy slopes in the mountains.

What after school activities you can choose from in your area will soon be clear. Your host family can give you tips and inform you about gyms, riding stables, handball teams or karate lessons in the neighborhood.

STS Welcome Camp

What's included

  • Accommodation in a host family
  • Full board in a host family
  • School spot in a local high school 
  • Personal assistance and contact person in both home and host country
  • STS Welcome Camp 
  • Online pre-departure meeting
  • Emergency support 24/7
  • Free interview
  • Meetings and material to prepare you and your parents
  • STS bag
  • STS Diploma
Interested in this trip? Contact us directly to find out more and we'll make sure you get the trip of your dreams!


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