STS High School 14–18 years of age
The best possible beginning

Welcome Camp is included

To give you the perfect introduction, your year abroad at almost all destinations starts with STS Welcome Camp, which is included in the program fees. It is kind of a “soft landing,” where you get to meet other STS students and learn about what to expect from the adventure that is about to begin. This gives you the best imaginable start to your new adventure, with the chance to get to know lots of other students from all over the world who are also beginning their year abroad.

Our Welcome Camps are all held in a well-known, bigger city and last several days. The country and city the camp is in depends on where you are spending your year abroad. But you can be certain that you will get to take part in interesting workshops and fun activities in a variety of subjects that may be helpful for you during your exchange. For example, how to handle homesickness, what it’s like to adapt to a new home, what to do if you need help or support, and more.

You will get to explore the city you are in by going sightseeing and checking out a few famous places. You get to do all of this alongside other STS students, who are also just beginning their own adventures. This will be a lifelong memory and it’s the perfect way to start your year abroad. After STS Welcome Camp, you are ready to travel to your final destination, meet your host family and make yourself at home.

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“Welcome Camp was absolutely one of the highlights and a fantastic beginning to my year as an exchange student. I’m still in touch with a lot of people from camp. All the different activities helped me feel much better prepared for the year. Without a doubt, if I had the chance, I would relive those days!”

Jessica, from Switzerland, participated in STS Welcome Camp in New York.