STS High School 14–18 years of age
You are safe and secure with us

We are here for you

Wherever you choose to travel, we are here for you throughout your year abroad. We will take care of your travel arrangements and make sure you are well prepared when it’s time to go. When you are there, we are always here for you, including through your host family, our local coordinators, and of course via phone.

Area representative

When you reach your final destination, there will always be a local contact person, “area representative,” or local coordinator in the area. This person is familiar with the area and is there if you need help. You will meet regularly throughout the year.

Your host family can help you with your introduction at school, and with contacting other exchange students. If your parents have questions while you are away, it is simplest for them to call us directly at STS.

Call us any time

You are important to us and we care about your well-being. We want you to know that you can always contact us. Before your departure, you will be given a contact number that you can use to reach us after office hours, around the clock. It is safe and convenient.

See more – We take trips together

Sometimes we all need a little break from school and homework. That’s why we arrange trips for all of our exchange students in many of our host countries, so that you have the opportunity to see more of your new country. You will receive more information and all necessary info from your area representative. These trips are not included in the program fees and vary from country to country.

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