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The Emerald Isle welcomes you

High School in Ireland

Age 14-18

Céad Mile Fáilte! Or as the old traditional greeting phrase reads in a language you might understand better: a hundred thousand welcomes! In Ireland you will surely be exposed to a lot of Gaeilge (sometimes slightly incorrectly referred to as as Gaelic or Irish), but English is the main language on this green island. And that is one of the reasons to why high school in Ireland is a great alternative to studies in England. You get the language, but with a twist.

High School Classic

High School Classic is the traditional high school exchange programme, chosen by most of our students. It is the perfect programme for those who long for a genuine high school experience abroad and who are willing to embrace all the surprises it can bring. Here’s how it works: based on your profile, we find you a suitable host family and school, and the best part is, it can be anywhere in Ireland, from the country’s famously beautiful countryside to its equally interesting and exciting cities! If you’re open to adventure and are willing to let yourself be surprised by your exchange experience, this is the programme for you.

High School Select

STS High School Select gives you full control of your high school exchange. It allows you to choose the exact location and school you want to attend while studying in Ireland. We work with carefully selected schools in some of the country’s most spectacular locations, which offer high academic standards, superb learning environments and wonderful host families.

With the High School Select programme you get a tailor-made high school exchange that perfectly matches your profile and preferences. You tell us what is most important to you, and we’ll make sure you get the exact experience you’re looking for.

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Friendly and fun

Ireland consists of two countries. Apart from the Republic of Ireland, there is also Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. As an STS exchange student you will be based in the Republic, where Dublin is the capital. This green island is waiting for you with a proud culture brimful of traditional music, strange sports, charming people and a beautiful landscape.

Everything within easy reach. Arts and culture in Galway, unbelievable scenery on the Wild Atlantic Way, rolling hills, old castles and long sandy beaches. Something for everyone. On top of that, Ireland have twice won the title “The world’s friendliest country”. It’s safe, beautiful and welcoming, just waiting for you!

Population: 4 million
Area: 70 280 km2
Capital city: Dublin
Coastline: 2 797 km
Longest river: Shannon (344 km)
Currency: Euro
Country code: +353

Irish high schools

The Irish school system has a very good reputation and the educational level is high. High school is called Secondary School and it’s divided into two parts: Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. Most exchange students are placed in Senior Cycle, where you will study a mix of theoretical, practical and artistic subjects. English and maths are usually mandatory, the rest will be up to you!

If you’re into languages, you might want to study some Gaeilge. Within a few weeks you will be asking your friends ”cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?” instead of “how are you doing?”

When can I go?

There are three terms in the Irish school year – just like in England. The school year starts in September with autumn term, followed by spring and summer terms. You will attend the local high school in your host family’s area. Put on your uniform, bring your lunch pack and get ready for a great high school exchange. 

Go n-éirí an bothar leat! In other words: may your journey be successful!

You’re heartily welcome!

Your Irish host family will do their best to make you feel at home on their beautiful island. Like the British, the Irish are known for their hospitality and sense of humour. The Irish way of speaking English can be a bit difficult at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. And probably start loving it!

Social life is important

Many of our host families live in the southern part of the country. Here, you will get a genuine Irish experience, getting to know the country and its culture from the inside.

In most families, weekends are important for social life. Music often plays a big part of life with family and friends. The Irish love to sing and dance. Don’t be surprised if more than one person at your place plays an instrument. Do you? Bring it with you and share your culture, your family will love it!

Quick facts

  • Who can go: 14–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: August/January 
  • Language requirements: Good English skills
  • Visa: Yes
  • Prep course: STS Welcome Camp included
  • School year: August –June 
  • School day: Usually 09.00 – 15.45
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional subjects. Prior knowledge required
  • Trips: Weekend in London. Additional cost
It is all about getting involved at the end of the day – and the days go by so quickly / Will Draper

The soundtrack of your year

As an exchange student in Ireland you will have a lot to do after school. Maybe something to do with typical Irish folk music? The tin whistle, fiddle and bodhran are sounds and rhythms you soon learn to recognise when passing a pub. It will become the soundtrack of your exchange year. Want to learn a new instrument? Give it a try!

Sports you know – and don’t know

When it’s time for some sports, why not try a traditional sport like hurling, gaelic football or camogie? Of course, everything isn’t unique for Ireland. There’s all the usual sports and modern music too. With the long coastline within easy reach you will have plenty of opportunities to go swimming, sailing or windsurfing. The green and hilly inland is perfect for hiking, biking or riding.


The Irish love their traditions and will be proud to show them to you. A worldwide favorite is St Patrick’s Day. Join your Irish friends when they wear all green, often including face paint, for a whole day and celebrate together.

Travel time?

We want you to have a year full of experiences. It’s good to forget homework for a while and do something fun. Follow us to London for a weekend! You will meet other STS students and together you will explore the metropolis! Your local contact person can give you more information about prices and travel dates.

STS Welcome Camp in Europe

Your exchange begins with our fun Welcome Camp in Europe! The Welcome Camp gives you the best possible start to your exchange, and is packed with sightseeing, seminars, new friends and lots of fun.

What's included

  • Journey to host country and back (including flight taxes)
  • Accommodation in a host family
  • Full board in a host family
  • School spot in a local high school 
  • Personal assistance and contact person in both home and host country
  • STS Welcome Camp 
  • Pre-departure orientation in your home country
  • Emergency support 24/7
  • Free interview 
  • Meetings and material to prepare you and your parents
  • STS bag
  • STS Diploma


If you would like to call the fascinating city of Cork your home during your high school exchange experience, let us know in your application.


These prices are for EU Passport holders, there will be additional fees for non-EU passport holders. For you that wish to stay shorter than 5 or 10 months we also have shorter programme lengths. Please call us!

3 Terms
From $29,500
2 Terms
From $27,500
1 Term
From $25,500
2 Terms
From $27,500
1 Term
From $25,500
3 Terms
From $29,500
1 Term
From $25,500
2 Terms
From $27,500


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