STS High School 14–18 years of age

Keep in touch

After a year, or even after one single semester, you will become close with your host family and all your classmates and friends. Don't let your return back home be the end. Keep in touch with all people you meet and your high school exchange will be more than a long lasting memory.

One of the benefits of living abroad for a longer period of time is all the people you meet, the unique network you build. But what is a network, really? Apart from being a group of good friends, an international network also means lots of places in the world to visit. During a high school exchange, you will have friends in the local community, but also meet other international students.

Endless travel opportunities

Keep in touch with your host family, classmates and other exchange students. Many of our students visit their families again, travel to friends they met from other countries or invite friends to see their home countries. An international network means endless opportunities to keep exploring the world. Exactly what we love so much, right? Also, stay in touch with us at STS. We want to follow you on your next adventures too!