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High School in Canada

Age 15-18

Beautiful nature, open spaces, great outdoors and wild animals. Canada is the world’s second largest country where people are friendly and living is easy. It is easy to understand why the country is attracting a growing number of international high school students. In Canada, you find beautiful coastlines with sandy beaches, magnificent islands and metropolitan cities with beautiful architecture and amazing food. From Quebec to British Columbia, in big and vibrant cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver you will see that Canada has it all!

High School Select

Canada is known worldwide for its schools, so no matter where in Canada you find yourself, you will be in a great school. However, not all schools offer the same, so if you have specific subject requirements STS Select is the choice for you. If you need a particular subject, want to make sure you can join a top-level hockey academy, or just want a very specific location in Canada, we can help you through our Select program.

High School Select is the high school programme that suits you who want to be able to influence your exchange experience by choosing what city, and what school you would like to attend. We help you tailor your exchange just the way you want it. Perhaps you have specific subject requirements, after- school activities or sports you want to practice, or maybe you merely dream about living in a particular city or state in your chosen country. We offer a wide range of schools through this programme and together we will create the best high school experience possible for you.

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A bonus language

Canada is a bilingual country, meaning it has two official languages. English is the most common, but for a large part of the population French is the native language. As an exchange student in Canada, you may get the opportunity to learn both. With STS Select you can choose a full English, French or bilingual experience.

Area: Nearly 10 million km2
Population: 35 million
Capital: Ottawa
Largest city: Toronto
Official language: English and French
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Country Code: +1

School life in Canada

Digital media, adventure tourism, horse riding or ice hockey. Yes, those kinds of classes can be on your schedule if you go to high school in Canada. The Canadian school system has an excellent reputation. Great results from the international PISA survey can confirm the high level of education. There is usually a close relationship between teachers and students, creating a positive atmosphere that will help you feel welcome and right at home.

The Canadian school year

The Canadian school has 12 grades, with high school beginning year 9. Most exchange students are placed in year 10, 11 or 12. Your placement will depend on your age, previous grades and local school rules. The school year starts in September and ends in July, with a Christmas break in December and spring break in March. In addition to these, you will have several long weekends off, perfect for exploring your new home.

The perfect schedule

Do you want to speak English or French during your exchange year? That is up to you. We offer schools in both English and French speaking areas. To have the possibility to influence the rest of your schedule, our STS Select programme is the programme for you. Upon arrival in Canada, you will meet with a counsellor who will help you prepare the perfect schedule.

Living with a host family

Canadian families are open to cultural difference and love to make you feel right at home. They all go through the same quality screening and motivation check. The language spoken in your host family will depend on where in Canada you are placed. Some families speak English, some speak French, some are bilingual, and all are welcoming and friendly!

Sports and outdoors

If your schedules are compatible you may go with your host mom or dad to school. Otherwise you will probably go by school bus. Just like any family around the world, there will be days where your schedules are compatible and you sit down for breakfast together, while other days it may not work out that way. Many students are very busy with afternoon activities either through the school teams and clubs, or with friends. But most evenings you will meet for dinner and do the usual chores together. If your family is the sporty kind – not uncommon at all in Canada – you might exercise and watch games together. Other typical family activities are weekend outings and excursions.

Quick facts

  • Who can go: 15–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: January/August/December
  • Language requirements: Good English skills. Some schools in French speaking areas require prior French knowledge
  • Visa: Yes. Additional cost
  • STS Welcome Camp: Yes, STS Welcome Camp included
  • School year: August–June
  • School day: Usually 09.00 – 15.30
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional
  • Trips in the country: Trips to cities and places like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Niagra Falls. Cost is additional.
Canada was one of the best experiences of my life, the people, culture and opportunities are amazing, I am very grateful to have had the best experience possible. / Bella Dickison

Outdoors and outside of school

Canadians are rightly proud of their big nation’s mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. And they know how to enjoy nature all year round. The country is known for ice hockey but it is a winter sports paradise in a broader sense. Curling, dog sledding, ice fishing, luge, skating, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling... you name it. Bring your winter clothes and join the fun!

When the snow melts in spring there will still be plenty of things to do outside. Spring and summer time is perfect for camping, hiking, canoeing or kayaking in cool mountain rivers. Other popular sports are soccer, baseball, American football, golf and tennis. Needless to say, Canada is the place to go if you are sporty and love to spend time outside. Canada is also the place to go if you enjoy big cities, beatiful architecture, and cuisine from around the world! The metropolitan cities of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa are as varied in scenery as they are in culture! You will find concerts, festivals, shopping, and everything else you expect from big city living!

STS Welcome Camp

What's included

  • Accommodation in a host family
  • Full board in a host family
  • School spot in a local high school 
  • Personal assistance and contact person in both home and host country
  • STS Welcome Camp 
  • Online pre-departure meeting
  • Emergency support 24/7
  • Free interview 
  • Meetings and material to prepare you and your parents
  • STS bag
  • STS Diploma


Please note that the transport to your destination and back is not included the program fee.

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5 months
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5 months
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