STS High School 14–18 years of age

What does a high school year give you?

When you have returned home from your high school exchange, you will realise that living in a host family and studying abroad has given you a lot. Your travels will have broadened your views and given you memories for life. Add this to your CV – international experience and language skills are important qualifications for the future.

Take a chance, win big and grow with us at STS!

You will bring all this with you home:

  • Experience from a new culture. By taking part of everyday life in a foreign country, you'll have a unique insight into a different way of life. You have picked the cherries out of the cake and brought back new expressions, new favorite dishes and, above all, an understanding of other ways of living.
  • Another perspective on your own culture. By looking at your own culture with different eyes you will learn lots about yourself. What do you like about your own country? What do you not like? Perhaps you will discover how important your home country’s traditions and values are to you.
  • Personal development. Being curious and challenging yourself enrichens life enormously. It improves many skills demanded by employers, such as the courage to take on new challenges, independence, social skills, an open mind and language skills.
  • Language skills. Practising a language in a country where it is spoken will give you both perfect pronunciation and intonation, new expressions and gestures. All this will take your language skills to an entirely new level.
  • An international network of friends. You will get both an extra family and new close friends in another country. Be inspired by them, share your thoughts and ideas with them and stay in touch. An international network is invaluable, both privately and in your future career.