STS High School 14–18 years of age

Choose between Classic and Select

A year abroad is a springboard for achieving your full potential. Your future is in your hands. Choose your destination, apply, and get ready. You can choose between Classic and Select. STS High School Classic is the traditional exchange program at the high school level. It is the perfect program if you want to have an authentic high school experience abroad and are ready for all the surprises and experiences this may entail. Based on your profile, you will be paired with a host family and a school in the country you have chosen. You will be placed in the best class for your age, language skills, and academic level.

If you choose STS High School Select, your foreign experience is entirely in your hands and you can decide exactly what school you want to attend. If you want to take a class in a particular subject (art, media, language), or play sports or an instrument, or simply live in a particular area, you can find what you’re looking for in our large offering of Select schools. We offer Select in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Read more about what applies for each country and contact us for more information. By getting to know you, together we can find the best city and school based on your wishes.

But remember, whatever you choose, either option will give you the best year of your life!