STS High School 14–18 years of age

    High School Select in Australia

    In beautiful Australia, you will experience a year abroad unlike any other. Australia has something for everyone; it is a modern country with vibrant cities, incredible beaches, and fascinating nature. This enormous continent has incredible fauna, coral reefs, and believe it or not – snowy mountains. When summer ends in Europe, Australia’s summer begins, making it the perfect destination for European high school students who don’t really have anything against sunshine and a pleasant climate all year round.

    Choose where in Australia you want to study

    With STS High School Select, you get to choose where in Australia you want to study. Whether you want to live the high school dream in Sydney, learn to surf on the Sunshine Coast, or enjoy city life in flourishing Brisbane, we have options that are perfect for you. Why not take the opportunity to study a subject that isn’t available in your home country, such as marine science? Simply tell us what’s most important to you and we will help you find the school and area that suits you best. Whether it’s the academics, geography, or after-school activities that influence your decision, we will help you customize the perfect high school exchange program for you.

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