STS High School 14–18 years of age

    High School Select in Canada

    It is easy to understand why Canada attracts a growing number of high school students – this country has something for everyone! You might think of Canada and imagine snowy mountains and winter activities, and yes, Canada is a winter paradise and a great place to go if you love snow. But it is so much more than just snow and mountains. The majestic natural scenery offers a huge selection of fun outdoor activities all year round. You will find beautiful coastlines with sandy beaches, magnificent islands, big, open fields and major cities with fantastic architecture and incredible food.

    High school in Canada – your way

    Canada is known worldwide for its schools, so wherever in the country you go, you will be attending a good school. With STS High School Select in Canada, you can customize your year (or semester) abroad to make it exactly what you want it to be. If you need a special subject, want to make sure you can join a top-level hockey academy, or just want to live in a particular part of Canada, the STS High School Select program is perfect for you.

    A bonus language

    Canada is a bilingual country, which means there are two official languages. English is the most common, but French is the native language for much of the population. As an exchange student in Canada, you can have the opportunity to learn both languages. With STS High School Select, you can choose a complete English, French or bilingual experience. Just imagine being fluent in two new languages when you go home!

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