STS High School 14–18 years of age

    High School Select in Ireland

    Ireland consists of two countries: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. As an exchange student with STS, you will be based in the Republic of Ireland, the capital of which is Dublin. A green island with a proud culture, jam-packed with traditional music, remarkable sports, charming people, and a beautiful landscape await you. Ireland has also been named the friendliest country in the world twice. This safe, beautiful, and welcoming country is waiting for you!

    High-quality education

    The Irish school system has a great reputation and the teaching is excellent. Getting to learn English fluently is another reason why Ireland is a great option for your year abroad. High school in Ireland is called secondary school and is divided into two parts: Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. Most exchange students are placed in the Senior Cycle, where you will study a mixture of theoretical, practical, and artistic subjects. English and math are obligatory and the rest are up to you.

    You can choose where in Ireland you want to study

    With STS High School Select, you can customize your high school exchange to meet all of your wishes and preferences. Tell us what is most important to you and we will make sure you get the exact experience you want.

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