STS High School 14–18 years of age

    High School Select in New Zealand

    New Zealand offers a high school experience that you wouldn’t be able to have anywhere else. The country is the perfect size: no matter where you live, you are near the coast, and being an exchange student is an ideal opportunity to discover all of New Zealand and its magnificent nature.

    Ski and surf in the same day

    The North Island has a warm climate and the South Island, which is closer to Antarctica, has fjords, ski slopes, and glaciers. The amazing thing about this country is that you can go skiing on a volcano and bring your surfboard to catch the perfect wave down at the coast – all in one day! It is truly a country of contrasts.

    You can choose where in New Zealand you want to study

    Wherever in New Zealand you are, you will attend a good school. STS High School Select is perfect if you have specific needs regarding subjects, activity, or location. For example, maybe you want to improve your golf skills, go sailing, or live in popular Auckland. We can help you design the perfect high school exchange program for you!

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